Clay Courington

Half way through college I realized I wasn’t happy. I was pursing a major I had no interest in, taking classes I hated and feeling as though I wasn’t living life the way I had thought I’d be living it.

Against some better judgement, I decided to change my career path completely, start my video production business, and pursue a degree in Digital Media Marketing. Although it set me back in my classes a bit, I wouldnt change my decision one bit.

My name is Clay Courington and I am the sole Owner and Operator of Vamped Media Productions. Since 2016, I have been telling stories through the lens of my camera. I’ve had the opportunity to travel places I’d never dream of, do the most amazing things and meet some of the greatest people. I love doing what I do. Being able to capture someones greatest memories and make them last a life time fills me with joy. Its not always about how much you make, its about the places you go, the things you see, and the people you get to share it with.